Tuesday, October 19, 2010


can make you smile
and happy like no one else.
you are truly proud
that they can say their colors
and sit up on their own.

No two are the same.
some are teachers.
some laugh at everything.
some only speak in movie quotes.
some will be the next president.
no matter how different.
we're the same.
one family gene links us.
i think it's the sarcastic gene.
but all the same blood.

some are generations apart.
they may never understand why we don't
write letters
and why we don't pick up the phone.
we won't get why they don't know how to text
or why they can't upload photos on facebook.

one family though.
no matter what we've been through.
we put it all aside
and can just laugh.
and enjoy each other.

no matter what.
we didn't pick this.
haha we probably wouldn't pick each other.
but we were GIVEN each other.
we need each other.
thick and thin.
we're all we have.
we're blood.
we're family.


  1. i know what you mean. my sister used to eat cat food. (she was 2 but still).

  2. and some families don't even need to share genes. they share love and they share laughs and they share their lives.

    i'm glad to you call you my family, lindsay frail.