Saturday, October 9, 2010

how time flies

one year ago.
i was in nyc.
thinking about buying a place.
i found one.
well it found me.
it kept coming in my inbox.
i kept deleting.
airport? tooooooo far.
kept coming in.
so i decided to call my realtor and go see it.
why not?

fell in love.
my mom and dad were in town for the "31 days" showing.
so they came along with lara and i.
we looked at 5 condos.
one had carpet in the restroom.
one had a bag of chips on the stairs.
and one. well this one.
was perfect for me.
"the windows are old linds" my dad said to me.
i knew instantly.
this is it mom and dad.
i could picture myself drinking coffee on the deck.
i could picture my friends here drinking wine and watching a movie.
this is the one.
i knew.
it worked amazingly.

we painted it during rehearsal week.
hahaha charly hated that.
the whole crew mocked us for working 12 hrs then going to paint.
we didn't care.
we were excited.
i remember they had this. this witch in the basket. i loved her.
she's back.
wow. a whole year.
a whole year we've been here.

i remember the first week.
i scrubbed and scrubbed it.
it had a smell. a clean smell but it smelled like someone else.
i hated it.
i cried. yes i cried.
i remember sitting on my floor crying thinking this wasn't my home.
it didn't feel comfy but I would give it time.

a whole year.
a lot of laughing.
a few tears.
we learned the single ladies/thriller/soulja boy in this place.
we've made lots of meals. and burnt some.
i learned you have to open the flue on the fireplace or the smoke will come in the house.
haha my parents have two fireplaces and i've never done that so don't judge.
we've had many guest on these couches.
we spent the summer at the pool.
we've missed HOA meetings OOOPPPSS
we watched all the episodes of LOST in 3 months.
i've baked a lot of cakes. made the floor very sticky from icing.
we've watched a lot of planes fly right above us.
we've been on a lot of those planes.

it's been a fun year.
thanks miss witch
for coming back
and reminding me
it's been a year.
here's to another year!


  1. i am in shock and awe that you watched every episode of Lost in three short months! Can't believe you've lived there for over a year now! time flies man.

    Stephanie Q Jarosz

  2. yes, i knew the day I walked to your front door to a broken handle that said "It just broke. Don't judge me!" that it was definitely the house of linds.